Like all of our programs, our tutoring is completely customized to take your child’s strengths and challenges into account. A highly-trained teacher with both subject-area expertise and a deep understanding of varied learning styles will work individually with your child to provide instruction and support.

If your child is struggling with a particular class, our tutors can help. For example, many students who experience difficulty with math end up falling further and further behind since a solid foundation is a prerequisite for more advanced concepts. In this case, our tutoring program helps the student master core concepts so they can stay on top of their classroom work – which can lead to higher grades and less anxiety.

Other families utilize our tutoring services to accelerate learning and improve their child’s academic skills. And because of our individualized approach, we can accommodate whatever your child’s unique needs may be. We offer tutoring and skill-building in the following major content areas: math, reading, and writing. Our tutoring program not only brings your child up to speed with foundational content but also develops the habits of mind to help them prepare for future success.